Details on Twitch Prime rewards for August

Rewards are fun

Last month, to help the celebration of Amazon Prime Day, Twitch Prime users were given 19 free games for being members of the service. The games list included hits likePillars of Eternity and Brutal Legend. August’s lineup has now been revealed, and while there may not be as many games as last month, the ones being offered are still worth checking out.

There will be a total of five free games available to Twitch Prime members for the month of August. Users can look forward to picking up AntiheroDeath SquaredJotunSteamWorld Dig and a Wizardry bundle. The featured titles will be available for members to add to their Twitch games libraries until August 31st.

These games aren’t the only thing available to Twitch Prime members, as the service also offers in-game content as well. Some titles currently featured are OverwatchPUBGCall of Duty: WW2 and Warframe, with the content including things like special loot boxes or exclusive skins. There was a rumor Fortnite would be having the Archetype skin as part of the Prime, but that has since been discontinued.

Comment below on what you think of this deal, I hope you enjoyed this article. In other news a developer may attract others to make more games for the Nintendo Switch.

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