Detailed Report on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey January Update

According to the Ubisoft, this free update coming to Odyssey next week, will have new quests, a new foe, new items, new vendor, new mercenary tiers and enemy scaling option.

The Legacy of The First Blade – Episode 2: Shadow Heritage

In this episode you get you show your investigation skills around the blockade which was called upon the Order of the Ancients. Shadow Heritage will be available starting January 15th.

To start this episode you will need to complete Hunted (the first episode), complete the Chapter 7 questline of the main story, and be level 28.

The Lost Tales of Greece – Daughters of Lalaia and Poet’s Legacy

In Daughters of Lalaia, you will train the townspeople how to deal with the danger. In Poet’s Legacy you will learn that the poet is not quite who she seems to be.

Cyclops – Arges

If you face Arges and defeat him you will get a chance of gaining a legendary weapon, the Hammer of Hephaistos.

Ubisoft Club Reward – Aya

Ubisoft is happy to announce that Aya from Origins will be joining as Legacy Lieutenant.

New Items

The Dionysos Pack contains new gear set, a legendary dagger and a mount. Later this month you could get your hands on the Athena Pack.

New Mercenary Tiers

Two more tiers will be added to the Mercenary ladder and it will reward you with new benefits if you can conquer them.

Hephaistos’s Workshop

With this new update comes a new vendor. You will be able to learn by viewing your existing engravings and purchasing more of them. You will be able to upgrade your gear to engravings tier 6 and 7. Plus you will be able engrave at this new workshop.

Enemy Scaling

Visit the options menu to find the setting for Level Scaling. From there you will be able to change how drastically enemies will scale to your level. They range from Heavy to Very Light.

What does everyone think of this monthly update? Comment Below.

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