Destiny 3 Leaked: Could Possibly Be Able to Explore Europa


Destiny 3 Leaked: Could Possibly Be Able to Explore Europa

Guardians must be excited for the leaked Destiny 3 information.  According to a viable source Destiny 3 is in development and Bungie’s main focus will be the RPG elements.

This leak mentions that Destiny 3 will have PvPvE zones which will be a battle to contain territory.  The main focus is going to be for the hardcore Guardians and not the casual ones.

Imagine the “darkzone” from The Division coming to Destiny is some form or another.  Even though the source stated it will not be similar to the darkzone from The Division, they are talking about how this PvPvE will have similar traits.

Bungie is trying to stay away from the criticism they received from Destiny 2.  The leak is not confirmed so do not get too excited, but if this is real Guardians are going to have their work cut out for them.

Who is ready to possibly explore Europa?  Who is excited if this valuable source is telling the truth? If so please comment below.  If you enjoyed reading this, you also may enjoy Glider Re-Deploy Test coming to Fortnite.

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