Destiny 2 may be updating their weapons for Forsaken

Or “nerfing” as they say

Two of Destiny 2’s popular weapons the IKELOS and the sniper rifle will be modified soon for the Forsaken edition to the game to be released soon. The weapons will have new abilities like a reduce to the Box Breaking ability. The weapons will be locked in the Solar element, which ends previous elements like the Arc or Void which players might have.  Redesigns on weapon slots, powerful rolls, and random rolls. Bungie has the intent of  balancing out the weapons so they may appear more fair in combat since with the Void mod it crushed everything in sight.

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They may upset those who love to breeze through the game however I can see where they’re coming from. After a certain point especially when the game becomes too easy, it isn’t as enjoyable anymore. Take for instance the Ratchet and Clank series, once you upgrade you’re weapons to the max and conquered everything at their best it becomes a chore more than a pastime to enjoy such destruction. I think this will add a new layer of fun, challenge, and strategy to something gamers might have took for granted in their gear. I intrigued to see what the mods would bring and how players will react to it. It’s a clever way to keep the game fresh and engaging I feel.

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Comment below on what you think of these changes, Forsaken comes September 4th next month on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Twitch reveals their gifts to those subscribed to Twitch Prime for the month of August.

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