Demon Souls Remake

Demon Souls
Demon Souls Remake coming to PS5

Demon Souls is finally getting its well-deserved Remake by From Software for the PlayStation 5.

Honestly, a From Soft game has never looked this good.

We barely got any information on the game, instead we got a nice trailer showing off the super enhanced graphics.

Demon Souls was initially released on the Playstation 3 in 2009 and didn’t receive a war welcome initially because of its high difficulty curve. It actually didn’t do too well in Japan but sold very well and was praised in the West because of its difficulty.

You take control of a custom character and traverse the dark and brutal open world of Demon Soul’s, battling giant and ruthless boss monsters collecting souls. When the player dies, all souls they haven’t used to level up or forge gear is lost, making it very punishing to die. and trust me, you will die, a lot.

We get to see the lush and detailed areas brought to a modern style. Making the dated graphics a thing of the past.

We also get to see the lovely boss monsters look as dastardly as usual.

No information on when this will release. Follow us to stay up to date on Demon Souls and all other PS5 announcements.

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