Death Stranding Impresses Metal Gear Solid Movie Director


We still don’t really know anything about Hideo Kojima’s next game, the PlayStation exclusive Death Stranding, except that it features weird babies, famous actors, and the use of a weird vacuum-like device to pick things up.

All jokes aside, the few people who have gotten a look at Kojima’s latest have given it some serious praise. Norman Reedus, who stars as the game’s protagonist, Sam, was the first to build hype after describing the game as, essentially, unlike anything anyone’s ever seen. Now, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of Kong: Skull Island and the eventual director of the Metal Gear Solid movie (that’s been in the works for years), has shared his thoughts after Kojima allowed him a peek at the game.

Obviously, this tweet doesn’t share much about what Death Stranding will actually be like. It only builds up the peculiar atmosphere around the game, what with the reference to freebasing Kojima and famed Metal Gear Solid artist Yoji Shinkawa. Still, another positive experience is sure to only increase the intrigue around what looks to be one of the strangest games of all time.

As we wait for more info (and an actual release date) on Death Stranding, fans can only sit back and wonder what exactly this strange experience will be like. It’s Kojima’s first game with his new studio after the infamous split with Konami, so there’s an unbelievable amount of excitement around what the creator of Metal Gear Solid might be bringing to the table in his first original IP in years.

Are you excited to find out what Death Stranding is all about? Are you scared? Let us know!

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