‘Deadlane’: the horror/racing game of your nightmares

Deadlane is a new horror/racing game coming in late 2021 (Picture: Vscape Studios)

Deadlane is an upcoming 2021 release from developer Vscape Studios

At Daily Gaming Report, we’ve been lucky enough to get some details on the upcoming game Deadlane. The game, which will hopefully release in Q3 2021, is a blend between the horror and racing genre. And, although this may seem an odd combination of genres, developers Vscape Studios have come up with a way to fuse them into an exciting and interesting experience.

With Deadlane, co-director Rick Alacala says that they “focus on building the player’s adrenaline” because of the game’s roots. Inspired by horror titles like Dead by Daylight and racing giants like Need For Speed, the game aims for excitement. And from the sounds of it, it provides this in abundance.

Gameplay & Features

Moreover, the gameplay makes the most of horror elements to improve the thrill of a typical racing game. Throughout any race, players have to think about the ‘Grim Prix’. At the end of a lap, the racer in the last place transforms into a ghostly racer known as the Grim Prix. While this has benefits for the racer, they’ll be eliminated at the end of the next lap. That is unless they pass the form onto someone else with a projectile. Alcala stated that the aim of this was to have “an advantage quickly turn into a disadvantage at any time”. Players can quickly go from the hunted to the hunter incredibly quickly, and vice versa. The elimination goes on until three players remain. These players are then ranked in gold, silver, and bronze placing.

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Another horror element in the game is Telly, a spirit who can appear at any time. Players have no defense against her, so be aware: she can be lethal to racers. Rick Alcala again spoke on this, saying that “We best compare Deadlane to the thrill of riding a roller coaster. It’s a ton of fun but it can be really horrifying, too.” It certainly seems that way, pairing speed and jump scares for a new and exhilarating play.

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Game modes

We’ve also got a little information on the game modes in Deadlane. As well as the current single-player race against five opponents, Vscape Studios is developing further game modes ahead of release. among these are a time trial mode, a staple of racing games, and a survival mode, something that should enhance the tension present in any race as players struggle to be the last alive. We’re hoping that there might be local multiplayer, as this seems like a great game to play with friends.

If you’re already interested in Deadlane, or want to see a bit more, check out the teaser trailer below, released on YouTube:

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