DayZ-Focused Bohemia Bratislava Studio Closes Down

Bohemia Bratislava were thanked for their work on DayZ after their doors were closed. Image Source: Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive, the Czech studio known for its work on the ARMA series and, by extension, hit zombie survival spin-off DayZ, has announced today that it will be closing one of its studios. Bohemia Bratislava was responsible for development of DayZ, but Bohemia have confirmed in a Tweet that DayZ’s development will continue as normal. Unfortunately, this spells the end for the “Survivor Gamez” mode, which was in development at the Bratislava studio. But, fear not, zombie fans: Bohemia have released a blog post detailing their plans for the game in 2020. The post details a few bug fixes, gameplay improvements and content updates.

Bohemia Bratislava Survivor Gamez Screenshot

Bohemia Bratislava were working on a new game mode, Survivor Gamez, before their shutdown. Image Source: Bohemia Interactive

The Survivor Gamez mode was not received well by fans, and some have speculated that this is the reason for the studio’s closure. Conversely, in the tweet, Bohemia says that the decision was a mutual one, and thanks the studio for their efforts. Of course, no-one knows what truly went down behind the scenes to lead to the Bratislava Studio’s closure. With this in mind, it’s probably best to just take Bohemia at their word.

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