DayZ beta revealed after five years of development

DayZ beta revealed after five years of development

Recently, after five years DayZ will have its first beta release. Additionally, this 1.0 version will include player restraining and vehicle updates as well.

In fact, lead producer Eugen Harton has expressed his excitement over it on the DayZ blog:


“I’m excited about this first step to a more polished gameplay experience with more endgame goals to achieve”

“While features are in, their functionality is often broken,” Harton admits. “We know that’s what makes or breaks a game, and now is exactly the time to get that fixed. During this period of stabilization and iteration, you’ll see the game change around the details that matter.”

In addition, Bohemia plans to release the basics of the game for its 1.0 beta before the year ends.

“While there are large numbers of issues left, only about 600 of them are crucial to make DayZ work as intended. We plan to do exactly that. Fix features, stabilize the game and make it enjoyable after being weighed down by bugs for a very long time.”

Not to mention, the team is working on other features like experimental mod tools to give players some creative control. Therefore, this feature will be released through the DayZ Steam Workshop soon.

Comment below on what you think of DayZ finally making it to beta. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, a new trailer for Pagan Online has been revealed.

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