Days Gone Has Already Gone Gold

Days Gone, a new open world zombie shooting action survival game was previously set to release on February 22, but Bend Studio an Oregon based developing company pushed back the date to April 26 due to the strict competition in Feburary.

Deacon St. John

Recently though, it’s been confirmed that the studio has already finished the game 6 weeks prior to the actual release day, and has announced that the game has “gone gold”. A term we believe is used after all development aspects of the game are finished and they can begin with making hard-copies of the game.

Since Days Gone has been finished with still 6 weeks to go until the release date, let us hope that this game is unblemmished and one to be remembered.

Are you a fan of zombie survival games? Do you think they should take advantage of the extra 6 weeks? Let us know in the comments below.

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