Dauntless: Fortune & Glory – First Major Update 0.9.0


Recently, the first major update for Dauntless was announced… The first update, titled ‘Fortune & Glory’ will kick off on July 16, 2019 and will bring new challenges in the form of the ‘Island of Trials’ and a new Hunt Pass which kicks off with High Skies: Fortune & Glory.

Of course, along with new challenges the update will bring us new skins, leader boards (The Wall of Champions) and even new creatures (starting with the smollusk, a small snail like creature – Shown below).

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Hypno Snail

As for the wall of champions, this celebrates the fastest completion times for each week’s Trial. Epic states you must, “Work on your approach, master those combos, and calibrate your gear to claw your way to the top of the leader boards.”

Glory H-Wall

Interestingly, this season will include not just one ‘Hunt Pass’, but two. It is stated that “slayers will start with Fortune & Glory – a corsair-inspired Hunt Pass tied to Lady Luck’s arrival – and end (later on) with the Zephyr Strike Hunt Pass. Each pass will feature a full fifty levels, two tracks (Basic and Elite), and a treasure trove of themed rewards. They will also be timed in the same way as previous passes.”  Check out some more details on the upcoming patch here!

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