Datamine for PUBG reveals new Snow Map

Datamine for PUBG reveals new Snow Map

A datamine of PUBG has revealed details of an upcoming Winter map for the game. Titled Dihor Otok with a  total size of 8×8 with a landmass size of 6×6. Rumors behind this map include new explosives, a night mode, and a new mode called Conquest.

The images and files were first revealed on Reddit which you can view in the link below.

Datamined new snow map from PUBATTLEGROUNDS

The Reddit users behind the reveal have also posted images related to the map on Imgur which you can also view below.

View post on

What seems to be included in the images is details of the map like decorative pieces, a maze called Dinopark, and a rocket for an area in the map called Cosmodrome. Included in the files is a term that reads “weather_night,” this has players speculating on the night mode in the map. For the Conquest mode according to a Reddit user, it’s supposed to be “similar to the domination mode in Call of Duty where you need to capture a certain area.”

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As for explosives, C4 is available to your needs as well a Beetle to drive around in the map. This looks rather promising for this new map littered with tons of content to work with. Comment below on what you think of the new Winter map in PUBG. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Fortnite has since been reached the 140 million download mark.

Fortnite downloads have passed the 140 million mark


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