Darksiders 3 shows Fury’s wrath in new trailer

Darksiders 3 shows Fury’s wrath in new trailer

Darksiders 3 is the third installment in the Darksiders series. The games follow the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in their hack ‘n’ slash and Zelda-style-exploration outings.

The first game puts players in control of War and the second one brought Death into the fold. This time, players will be playing as Fury.

The official Darksiders Twitter account tweeted out the trailer and you can watch it below. The trailer itself doesn’t feature any gameplay. It’s an animated short to help build the hype for Fury and expand the lore of her, the other Horsemen and demons and angels.

From the trailer, it becomes obvious that Fury does have a certain fire about her. She might actually have some anger issues, and even that might be putting it nicely. The Darksiders 3 protagonist will look to deliver some hot-handed justice and witty one-liners if the cinematic trailer is any indication.

The newest game has made some changes compared to the older entries. For example, the game looks to implement a new battle system, which DGR covered back in October. Darksiders 3 also appears to have a greater emphasis on the fighting aspect of the game, which makes sense for a character like Fury.

Darksiders 3 hits the shelves on November 27 for PC, PS4 and XB1, so with that just around the corner, replaying the first two Darksiders games could be a solid Thanksgiving break activity leading up to the third game’s release.

Are you a fan of the Darksiders series, and are you excited to play as Fury? Let us know why you’re a fan in the comments!

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