Dark Souls Remastered Took ‘A Little Over A Year’ To Port To Switch

Dark Souls

Recent Interview confirms Dark Souls Remastered took over one year to port to Switch!

In a recent interview with ‘VGR’, Virtuos (the company that brought other titles to the Switch, such as L.A. Noire) revealed that it took “a little more than a year” to port Dark Souls Remastered to Nintendo Switch.

Interesting, in the interview many things were discussed. To make the game playable on the Switch, Virtuos had to optimize the game for “several months”. Both Virtuos and FromSoftware agreed they had to lock the frame rate to 30 fps. Frame rate had to be prioritized over graphical improvements.

Also mentioned, the number of players who can play simultaneously has gone up from 4 players to 6. Meanwhile, password matchmaking (found in Dark Souls 3) has been introduced.

In case you wasn’t already aware, Virtuos is a Polish company that has also worked on a number of AAA titles. Starlink: Battle for Atlas, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Heavy Rain and Injustice: Gods Among Us are just a few big names to mention.

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