Cyberpunk to be heavily censured in Japan

Cyberpunk censured
Cyberpunk will get heavy editing in Japan

But this isn’t the first time!

For anyone that is into games, you will probably know that Japan does not have a habit of censoring or banning a lot of games. Cyberpunk however will be one of them. As far as we can tell they will be editing features such as nudity, genital type shapes, graffiti, and even some wounds within the game. What I find bizarre is that some horror movies that come out of Japan are bat shizzle crazy, so why censure it all? But that’s a blog for another time! I mean, don’t get me wrong I think that age ratings are important and I also think that parents should really try and stop their five-year-old’s playing COD. But censuring completely just causes stuff to underground, and we all know what happens in the sewers (Apart from teenage mutant turtles).

But moving on. Because of this fun news, I have picked out a few interesting games that have been changed across the generations. Starting with the UK. Punch out released in 1983 and had a character called Vodka Drunkenski, this was changed to Soda Popinski. The Witcher 3 was banned in Saudi Arabia because of the sex and nudity, it was also heavily edited for the Japan release. In Singapore Half-Life 3 was banned, however, this caused huge outrage from the local gaming community and the ban was lifted after a week of successful petitions to the government.  And the country with the most banned games seems to be Germany. The list is massive!! Interestingly one of the games Godfather: the black edition was banned because of game controls imitating brutality and extortion.

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The list of countries and games is a few days worth of reading, and worth a look if you are ever complaining about how liberal we are here in the UK. It looks like we have it pretty good compared to some of our gaming brethren and sisteren (is that even a word? if not it should be)!

It will be fun to see how many countries Cyberpunk actually gets banned in, or what the edits are like. Maybe we should try and grab a Japanese copy and do a comparison test. Are games to violent? Should the rating be changed? Drop us a line and have your say.

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