Cyberpunk 2077 will have a “cinematic experience”

As of late, details of CyberPunk 2077 has come to us in interesting ways. Though there are still questions on how CD Projekt Red will approach this open-world RPG. More importantly, how the team will approach this title with a fresh perspective so things don’t go stale. For example, their Witcher trilogy was perfect for what it was. Yet, with this futuristic setting things have to be different.

Recently, the developer’s lead animator Maciej Pietra had an interview with CG Magazine Online discussing the new setup they have for this game.


“I think it revolves around how you define the phrase “cinematic experience,” because what we do is tell a story in an open world that is also an RPG,” Pietras said. “At the end of the day, is still a heavily narrative driven game, and just because of that we just redefine how we approach “Cinematic-ness”. How we tackled story in The Witcher, of course, is we utilize the camera work; we worked with editing, character composition, with framing and editing very much as a cornerstone of the dialogue and cutscenes in The Witcher. For Cyberpunk what we are doing is using the open world and RPG experience, splashing them together and wrapping them in this interactive scene system overcoat.”

The Player’s Choice

“So, because of that overcoat, what we think about storytelling and how to create this narrative experience always involves thinking about how the player will experience that from the first-person perspective,” he said. “One of the ways we think about designing is around the experience of cinematic moments.”

“This is kind of how we approach this cinematic storytelling and transforming the experience with it; thinking that this is a living breathing world,” Pietras continued. “The NPC’s set in that world are fully fleshed out characters [and] not just templates, because we approach design like that. It means that you somehow got here. You’re here, you’re doing your job, you’re working, and I approach you and we have a discussion.  The outcome is mostly dependent on the player choice. I could pull out the gun and the conversation will go in a very different direction. This example outlines how we think about cinematics and narrative content.  So obviously it’s a huge challenge when compared to The Witcher.”

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the setting they have is perfect. Additionally CD has something unique to build on since this could be the Blade Runner of video games if they play their cards right. To elaborate, the number of options this game will include can leave a lasting impression on the player. Not to mention, a majestic yet dark environment to have players marvel at and fall into at the same time.

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