Cyberpunk 2077 tweets Transphobic joke with Studio apologizing

Cyberpunk 2077’s official Twitter account got into some trouble recently as they were accused of making comments to be considered transphobic towards transgender people. What happened was that a fan had messaged Cyberpunk 2077’s Twitter account demanding more information from them at this year’s Gamescom for their upcoming release of the game. Cyberpunk 2077’s Twitter account would respond by saying “Did you just assume their gender?!” at the notion that the person referred to CD Projekt Red as guys. This may seem like a off hand joke at first glance but the response is making a reference to a meme where it diminishes the concerns of the transgender community. The joke is meant to ridicule “Tumblrinas” or social justice warriors. People who feel the need to exaggerate their pains and struggles to inflict pain onto those who don’t deserve it. In this case it would be wrong to assume that all transgender people are like that. See AlsoEpic Games Store free games: Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and ObserverWhile the person behind the comment probably didn’t mean it to that degree, however the comment was taken with great offense and the comment has since been deleted. This isn’t the first time CD Projekt Red has faced controversy in this way. Last July their official Twiiter account for their digital distribution site released an animated GIF of their title Postal 2: Paradise Lost where in the image the main character of Postal is seen urinating on a tombstone titled “Game Journalism”. The date on the tombstone is marked August 28th, 2014, a reference to GamerGate. This post was also removed quickly from their Twitter account. See AlsoCall of Duty: Modern Warfare will have a Battle Pass instead of loot boxesActions like this can seriously get out of hand. We all have opinions on matters but insulting something or someone even if they deserve it doesn’t resolve anything. Comment below on how you feel about these comments. How do you think CD Projekt Red should handle situations in the future? I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news Mircosoft revealed new Xbox One bundles at Gamescom this year. New Xbox One bundles announced at Gamescom for this fall Advertisements