Custom servers are making their way to Sea of Thieves

Custom servers will make it easier for players to set up their own games of SkullBall! (Picture: Rare Limited)
Custom servers will make it easier for players to set up their own games of SkullBall! (Picture: Rare Limited)

Custom servers enter Alpha stage for selected communities

Since it’s launch back in 2016 Sea of Thieves has grown tremendously into an evolving experience full of content with a tight-knit community that pushes the boundaries further. Many players have come together to create new games within the sandbox to build shared experiences, but it’s not without its problems.

For a while, now many have requested the inclusion of custom servers. Currently, players may need to jump through a couple of hoops before going about their merry way but they’ll find problems found with every PvP server and that’s if you can get in before the player limit is reached first. Thankfully custom servers are on their way.

Good things to those who wait

In a blog post on the game’s official site, Joe Neate explains custom servers are being implemented but it’ll be a while before this is fully achieved. As the feature is currently in limited Alpha stages it is only available to a selection of custom creators and community groups. This is mainly so they can organise their own custom events with limited numbers so the team can get an idea of what to expect on a larger scale.

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The feature of custom servers will range from being able to set custom adventures, ship limits and their types which will then generate a code to invite any players the owner desires. Gold and reputation progression will not be included in custom servers, “The key purpose of Custom Servers is to allow creative players the opportunity to use our sandbox to create unique experiences for their communities. They are not intended to be used as a PvE server, hence the removal”.

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It’s expected that custom servers will be in Alpha stages for an indeterminate time while the team takes time to learn the needs of players on a smaller scale before releasing to a wider audience. Once fully integrated players will be able to purchase their own custom servers from the games Pirate Emporium store. Rare are looking to expand their Partner Programme and Affiliate Alliance, especially for those with their own ideas that use the potential of custom servers so if you’ve got your own ideas you want to share you can find the Affiliate Alliance here.

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