Crossfire X packs a punch!

Crossfire X
Your training starts here!

This looks to be as fast paced as you can get!

If you play Fortnite, you may want to train on COD before trying Crossfire X. After today’s showcase trailer I was out of breath just watching! A game that has a cinematic campaign, and a huge set of multiplayer options.

With two factions to choose from (Global Risk or Black List Mercenary), you will be able to play as both sides in the single player campaign. This looks to be a nice mix of Ghost Recon meets COD. Fast paced, smooth game-play made possible with next gen console power. And of course this will be on Game Pass.

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Its worth noting that this franchise has been available on PC for a few years, so this should be evidence enough that the new Series X console packs a punch to rival your PC gaming buddy’s!

Check out the trailer below, and if you are not blown away.. well…its time to get your pipe and slippers!

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