Cross play is available on PS4 for developers that want to use it

Cross-play now available a

Cross-play now available across all platforms (Picture: Nintendo Life)

Cross-play is the latest feature that gamers seem to want, as in the past, if your friends have either an Xbox or PlayStation, you always seemed to get the console everybody had. Mostly for online play, playing with friends was indeed the best, especially back when it was new, in the Halo 2 days.

Sony was more hesitant about cross-play, as they were in the lead so to speak, but Nintendo and Microsoft embraced it with open arms. But it seems that things are about to change as cross-play is out of beta, now every developer who wants to use it can.

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Wired had an interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan, and they say that Sony doesn’t want to make a song and dance about it being out of beta. So now PlayStation can face off against other platforms if the devs what it to happen.

Yet that doesn’t mean every game will automatically have it, developers and publishers have to make it happen within their title and have to work closely with Sony to allow cross-play to happen.

Only a few titles had the beta cross-play access, and of course, Fortnite was one of them, now with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare out later this month, it’s likely this will be the first major title to include cross-play at launch. Though it might not be available in every game mode, the new CoD has to offer.

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