Crackdown 3 Release details revealed

Crackdown Release details revealed

Let me take you back to E3 2014 when we treated to the CRACKDOWN trailer. Which featured the ever so charismatic Terry Crews. Did anyone think, come 2018, this game would still not be released. Ever since then the game has been given a new title … wait for it … CRACKDOWN 3. All gamers in committed relationships are going to hate next valentine’s day after chipping out for another Triple-A game. February 15th 2019 is when you can get your hands-on Crackdown 3 so you can give your significant other full attention and when the clock hits midnight you can get stuck in. If you are subscribed to Xbox’s Game Pass service then you have instant access on release for no additional cost.

Gaming is getting more expensive not because of individual price of single games. It is because there are so many more games that I want to play. It is said when you are a child you have all the time and energy but no money, when you are an adult you still have energy and now you have money but you no longer have free time, when you retire and have all the free time and money saved you have no more energy.

A lot of Crackdown fans were in the child phase when the first two were released.  in 2018 they are adults and they won’t be able to throw in all their time to collecting orbs. I remember raging to get those agility orbs back in the day spending hours and hours hunting them down and getting such cramp in my hands that at school the next day I struggled to write down my analysis of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

The New Gameplay:

A gameplay trailer for the PVP wrecking zone game mode dropped at XO18. Which shows how the CRACKDOWN mechanics will translate into PVP and how they use the new computing power upgrade since July 6th 2010. Nothing looks cooler then to defeat your enemy by dropping a building on them. With the lock on feature that is CRACKDOWN’s combat system hiding in a building after being locked onto seems smart … until BOOM the building falls around you and you are surrounded by the entire enemy team. CRACKDOWN has been chaotic by design since its inception. To add to the random element of non-programmed, completely random human players then the possibilities for crazy expands exponentially.

Let me know what your feelings and opinions for this release date and the new PvP gameplay in the comments below.

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