Coronavirus Strikes Again: EA Forced to Cancel eSports Events

EA will postpone or cancel future events due to coronavirus (Picture: EA)

As the coronavirus outbreak sweeps the world and brings concern to countless people, events and tournaments are beginning to get the boot from developers and organizers. Of course, this isn’t exactly fresh news, seeing as several conventions have already been delayed or scrapped due to the virus. But now, EA has stepped in and made the decision to either delay or cancel both the Apex Legends Global Series and the EA Sports FIFA Global Series events due to start this month.

In a recent tweet, EA outlined the fact that safety is, of course, the priority when it comes to both the staff and community. This means that the global publisher will now take serious measures in order to sideline players and staff from the threat of the virus. Events that are due to begin this month will now be impacted due to EA’s decision. You can view the events below.

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Major 1 Apex Legends Global Series, Arlington Texas, 13th – 15th March (POSTPONED)
Apex Legends Global Series Online Tournament #2, 21st – 23rd March (REMAINS)

FIFA 20 CONMEBOL eLibertadores Online & Live Event, 7th – 8th March (POSTPONED)
FIFA 20 eChampions League, 14th – 15th March (REMAINS)
FIFA 20 FUT Champions Cup Stage V, Bucharest, 3rd – 5th April (CANCELED)
FIFA 20 PlayStation Licensed Qualifying Event, 2nd – 3rd May (CANCELED)


EA has promised to announce new dates for the events as soon as possible. In the meantime, however, EA will enter talks with both Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) in order to establish what needs to be done before bringing players back to live events. Sadly, this could take anywhere from a month to a year or so. Whatever it may be, it’s evident that the dreadful virus has managed to make a major impact on the gaming community. Let’s just hope things will start to clear up again soon.

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What are your thoughts on the spread of the coronavirus? Has this affected your calendar? Let us know down in the comments below.

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