Command & Conquer: Remastered Multiplayer Details Announced

Command and Conquer remaster splash image
C&C remaster splash (Image: RedTieGuy)

Command & Conquer: Remastered has had an announcement in regards to it’s multiplayer. Jim Vessella, a producer at EA, created a Reddit post which details the game’s current status and upcoming changes. They write “… we just completed our Content Alpha milestone.” and “… there are no longer any legacy/placeholder pieces of content in the game.”. In addition to this, the post states that they are now focusing on the systems of the game itself and gathering community feedback.

Remaster Multiplayer Screen

C&C: Remaster Multiplayer Screen. (Image: EA via u/EA_jimtern)

The multiplayer aspect of the game has been built anew. Unlike the original game the Command & Conquer: Remastered version will run on dedicated servers that use the new developer’s server network architecture. Moreover, the post states: “We’ve been playing multiplayer games for several months with our QA teams around the world, and feeling confident about the stability the architecture is providing.”.

Multiplayer Details

This all sounds pretty good so far. But what about game modes, the actual multiplayer features? Well, Critical Hit have provided us a condensed list:

  • 1v1 Quickmatch for Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert that focus on “competitive play and utilize an Elo-based matchmaking algorithm”.
  • Games will pull from a curated map pool and have set game rules so that players will be forced to rely on skill, not blind luck.
  • An in-game leaderboard in this mode will track a player’s wins, losses, and points.
  • Replays are also being introduced to custom and quick match games.
  • “We’re currently iterating on the available controls within the replay system itself,” Vessella explained.
  • Both games will also have a spectator mode, called Observer mode.
  • More multiplayer features are being worked on and will be shared once Petroglyph evaluates them.
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As well as this, the Reddit post says:

  • “You can also chat with other players in the game lobby, and ensure you get the perfect setup for your custom game.”.
  • “…players will first have the ability to host or join custom multiplayer games.”.
  • “Once players join a game lobby, they can choose their team setup, select maps, and set game rules.”.
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As someone who grew up on Command & Conquer, it is really exciting to see the progress and possible future for the game. Jim Vessella finishes his post stating “As you all know, 2020 is the 25th year anniversary of Command & Conquer. We expect this to be an exciting year for C&C, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this anniversary with all of you.”. We can’t wait either.


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