Cloud 9 remain undefeated after 4 weeks of LCS

Cloud 9's unstoppable run continues as we reach the halfway stage of the Spring Split (Picture: Tina Jo/Riot Games)

We are nearly halfway through the LCS Spring Split. We have seen four weeks of action packed matches and the biggest talking point is Cloud 9’s unbeaten record. The revamped C9 roster looks nearly unstoppable and the question on everyone’s mind is can it continue?

Cloud 9 revamped their roster in the recent off season. Bringing in Zven and Vulcan into the bottom lane and losing Summer MVP Svenskeren to Evil Geniuses. The team still looked strong but no one saw this impressive run happening before the season started. They started the season off with a big win over “the best team in NA” Team Liquid. Even though TL wasn’t at full strength as Broxah was still unable to play C9 rolled past them easily.

C9’s successful start to the season can’t just be pin pointed to just one member. Yes Zven didn’t die until the Dignitas game in week three but you can’t put all the credit down to just him. The whole of the C9 roster has put on a display this season and it’s clear that the team are confident going into the rest of the split.

The real question is still who could stop the run? In week five C9 will face Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) and Immortals. CLG are 1-7 and a win over C9 could revitalise their split but don’t get your hopes up CLG fans, this might just be another white wash for C9. Immortals could be the team as they look like they are finding their form despite the recent loss to CLG. People can argue a case for any team in the LCS to stop C9’s perfect split but only time will tell as to who will stop them.

Do you think Cloud 9 will go undefeated in Spring? Who do you think will beat them? Let us know in the comments below.

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