Clans Coming to The Division 2

The Division 2 is bringing a new feature. This feature will give you the ability to manage and create clans. Clans will give you the ability to make it easier for yourself to find players that have the similar game play as you.

The clan feature will be unlocked pretty earlier in The Division 2 story line. Once unlocked you will be able to create your own clan, which can consists of 50 accounts. There will be a clan feed where you can keep everyone in the clan on the loop with everything going on. This will also include 2 voice channels with 25 members each.

Joining A Clan

You will be appointed a number of options when searching for a clan. This will enable you to find one the suits your abilities and play style.

  • Activities – PvE, PvP or both.
  • Most Active Times – The time of day the clan is most active.
  • Atmosphere – What do you prefer? Easy going or highly competitive.
  • Microphone Requirement – If a microphone is a must to join.
  • Language – What is the primary spoken language?
  • Region – The geographic location of the members.
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Creating and Managing A Clan

First step is to design your insignia. This will be the representation of your clan. You will be able to choose the icons, background and border types. Next, you need to create a name for your clan. The name can be from 4 to 15 characters long. The clan tag consists of 3 capital letters.

Then you have to choose the privacy level, which consists of 3 levels.

  • Open – Searchable to all players
  • Invite only – Searchable but requires an application to be sent to the clan leader.
  • Private – A private clan is not searchable and can only be joined through an invite sent by the leader.

Your clan is organized into four ranks, allowing for an improved and organized structure.

  • Commander – Which is the leader of the clan who has access to all administrative functions.
  • Lieutenant – They will be able to send out invites, review applications, promote and demote members and moderate the clan feed.
  • Agent – Will be able to invite potential recruits to the clan.
  • Recruit – A new members of the clan with limited access to the clan’s functionality.
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Clan Progression

All the actions taken in game that earns XP will also earn clan XP, which is a new for of experience in The Division 2. Earning clan XP will level up your clan, earning benefits for each level on your Clan’s journey to level 30.

You all will be working towards a common goal. This will include weekly projects and upgradeable clan cache. The weekly clan cache requires a weekly clan XP goal to be reached with additional stretch goals. There are 3 tiers, bronze, silver and gold. The bronze tier will unlock guaranteed rewards, while the silver and gold will further improve the week’s rewards.

Clan Quarters

The East Wing of the White House will be your clan’s home, providing you with a space to regroup and socialize. You will find your clan’s stash to collect your weekly rewards, as well as the clan vendor. The items the clan vendor has depends on your clan’s level progression.

What does everyone think of this clan idea? Comment below.

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