CD Projekt Red Will Go Big For E3 2019

CD Projekt Red Will Go Big For E3 2019

In anticipation for E3 2019 within a few weeks time. The Witcher series developers, CD Projekt Red, have given a reason for fans to be excited. Recently the CFO (Chief Financial Office) of CD Projekt Red, Piotr Nielubowicz, has given a tease for their plans.

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“The most important E3 fair in CD Projekt’s history.” – Source by: Gamerant

Now we already know that CPR was attending the event this year. In addition, CPR has always had successful appearances in the previous E3s. However, we didn’t expect them to hype their presence at the conference this big. We only expect that the company will have big reveals planned for their show, but what could they be? Perhaps CPR will reveal more details of the highly anticipated CyberPunk 2077, hopefully including a release date.

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Although there’s a smaller chance of this happening, perhaps CPR could reveal another game AAA in development. Whether it be a new instalment of The Witcher franchise or a new IP, we could have a chance of seeing a new project from CPR.

CPR doesn’t have their own press conferences like Bethesda or Ubisoft, but they could make their presences known in another way. Similar to Capcom or WB Games E3 reveal strategies, CPR could reveal their planned announcements at another’s companies showcase with extended stage time. Whatever CPR has planned, they will most likely showcase their project’s at Microsoft’s press conference and has little to no plans to partner with Sony due to Sony not attending E3 this year. CPR has shared the stage with Microsoft in the past for The Witcher 3 at E3 2014

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So what do you think CPR will show off at this year’s E3? Are you excited for E3 this year? Let us know in the comments down below

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