Capcom Leak Potentially Reveals Company’s Future

A screenshot from Capcom's Resident Evil 7

The Switch could be getting a port of Resident Evil 7 and more claims in this Capcom leak. Image Source: Capcom

An unknown Reddit user posted to Reddit’s Gaming Leaks subreddit with tons of supposed information on Capcom’s future game lineup. The leaker’s account was deleted almost immediately after posting and makes a host of claims about many of Capcom’s staple franchises, including Resident Evil, Mega Man and Street Fighter, as well as a large focus on an upcoming Marvel VS Capcom game.

What follows here is the information from the post, formatted and organised. As always, since this is info from an unsubstantiated user on a public forum, take all of this with a huge grain of salt.

Resident Evil:

  • The Nintendo Switch will see ports of both Resident Evil 7 and the Resident Evil 2 remake. These both run at 900-1080p at 30FPS when playing docked.
  • After Project Resistance, the next Resident Evil title will be a third Revelations game.
  • A remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is in active development.
  • Remakes of Resident Evil 1, Code Veronica and 4 are being discussed.

Street Fighter:

  • Street Fighter V will receive one final update with 4 new characters: Oro, Haggar, Sodom and Dudley.
  • Street Fighter 6 is in early production.
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Mega Man:

  • The next new Mega Man game will be Mega Man X9.
  • Mega Man X9 will be a budget release, similar to Mega Man 11.
  • A Mega Man: Legends Collection will release at some point in 2020, and will include Mega Man Legends 1 & 2 along with The Misadventures of Tron Bonne.

Marvel VS Capcom:

  • A new MvC game is currently being developed by MvC3 devs Eighting.
  • The game’s gameplay art style will be similar to that of MvC3.
  • The roster will be bigger than Ultimate MvC3 at launch, and 1/3 of the characters will be new.
  • MvC’s new game will not be connected to MvC Infinite, but the story will be based around a convergence, like in Infinite.

Final Fight:

  • A Final Fight Collection is in development, which will feature both the Arcade and Home versions of Final Fight along with Final Fight: The Revenge.
  • A new 2D Final Fight game is in development.


  • Darkstalkers 4 is in development, set to release in early 2021. The game will run on the RE engine and will feature both Akuma from Street Fighter and Nero from Devil May Cry V.
  • A Darkstalkers Collection is in the works.

Other Stuff:

  • A reboot of the Dino Crisis series is in early production.
  • The upcoming Deep Down has been cancelled, but elements of the game will feature in Dragon’s Dogma 2.
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That’s a lot on Capcom’s plate for the next two or so years – many games are in various stages of development here so if this leak is accurate, then Capcom may be a very busy company for the foreseeable future.

Also interesting is the claim that the new Darkstalkers will run on the RE Engine. How that engine would handle a fighting game remains to be seen, and it also implies that the new game will be 3D, which is interesting since previous entries in the series have had 2D hand-drawn graphics. But once again we’re not certain.

Again, there is no evidence to back up any of this, and the Reddit user gives no credentials as to how they came about this knowledge, but this stuff is still interesting to think about nonetheless.

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