Capcom Announce Megaman X DiVE – New Teaser Trailer


Megaman X DiVE will feature stages and bosses from various Megaman X games!

Recently, Capcom announced ‘Megaman X DiVE’ for iOS and Android with a short teaser trailer…

Along with the trailer, Capcom revealed a few details on the game too! Interestingly, Megaman X DiVE takes place in a world called the ‘Deep Log’. This world is made up of all the data from all the previous Megaman X games… This means that the game will feature different stages, bosses, and characters from the previous Megaman X games. Of course, there does seem to be some new content (such as new characters) included as well.

No exact release date for Megaman X DiVE has been announced as of yet. However, we do know it’ll be coming sometime this year… Hopefully it will come with an announcement of a new console / PC game… If not that, let’s at least have a mobile game that isn’t riddle with micro transactions?

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