Call of Duty Warzone Ads Have Started Popping Up Online

Could we see Call Of Duty Warzone finally get announced later today?

The other day we reported a leak that pointed towards Call Of Duty Warzone releasing March 10th and it seems that this rumour could be true, as today ads for Call Of Duty Warzone started popping up on Twitch. It seems that someone might have jumped the gun on the advertising, meaning we could see an announcement later today.

The ads have since been removed, but of course, this is the internet, so someone managed to grab screenshots of the ads which you can see below:

Call Of Duty Warzone ads have started to show up on Twitch

Call Of Duty Warzone ads have started to show up on Twitch

Rumours have also pointed at the Battle Royale being free to play and as we can see from the ads this seems to be true, as you can see a join now button, rather than a buy now button.

Upon clicking the join now button users are taken to this page, which is the sign-up page for Playstation Plus. Activision’s co-marketing deal with Sony PlayStation also seems to be continuing, as well as rumours pointing out that Modern Warfare players will get to play the Battle Royale first as well as Playstation users getting exclusive PS+ perks.

We should hopefully see an announcement soon for the upcoming Call Of Duty Warzone. Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this article, why not share it on social media.

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