Call Of Duty: Mobile Seems To Only Have Tricks In Latest Halloween Loot Boxes

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Call Of Duty: Mobile Halloween Lucky Draw only has tricks and no treats. (Picture: Activision)

Call Of Duty: Mobile latest Halloween update seems to only have tricks and no treats. When the Halloween update went live on Call Of Duty: Mobile it included skins and a new character that was only obtainable via a lucky draw. Which you think would be ok, well that’s if luck actually played a part but it seems to all be rigged, forcing players to spend £200 to obtain the AK47 skin and the new character.

As to begin with the first lucky draw will cost you around 40 CoD points which will only cost you around £0.99 which isn’t too bad, however the price increases with each draw, with the 10th and final draw costing 10,000 CoD points which costs £99.99. So in total, to enter all 10 lucky draws you will need 23,580 CoD points. Meaning you will need to spend over £200 to obtain all 10 items.

Now, this is where it gets interesting as it seems that the lucky draw might not have anything to do with luck, after all, As noted by players over on Reddit, it seems that the AK47 skin and the new character are always going to be the last things you will get from the lucky draw. Meaning if you want them you will need to spend £200. Now, this is just such a money grab, in which companies should not be able to get away with, especially for a mobile game.

A user on Reddit managed to find the odds for the lucky draw by datamining the files, you can see the odds for the lucky draw down below:

  • Weapon XP Card: 42 percent
  • Season Weapon Crate: 42 percent
  • Outrider Skeleton skin: Three percent
  • AK47 Pumpkin Head camo: Two percent

YouTuber StarSnipe does a video of him buying into the lucky draw in which we see him get the Outrider Skeleton Skin and AK47 skin last. You can check that out down below:

Due to the way Activision/Tencent have done the lucky draw, without including the odds and not clearly showing that the price for each lucky draw would increase, this has made players very angry with many contacting Google Play to report the game.

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