Call of Duty Blackout Could Be Getting a Familiar Map Next Week

Call of Duty Blackout Could Be Getting a Familiar Map Next Week

There could be our first Call of Duty Blackout map update next week.

In this video you can see the map as it is seen through radar.  As the beam goes around and just North of Nuketown, you will see a round dot appear.  Another teaser going around means this could be a return of a popular Black Ops 2 map.

Everyone is talking that the new map would be Hijacked.  They all believe that changes will take place December 11th.  As in this video at the bottom left corner it reads Operational Details: Confidential 12.11.18.

If this is the case we all know that Playstation gets the updates first and then Xbox and PC will receive the updates later.  Lets all stay tuned and find out.  What are everyone’s thoughts on this teaser?  Comment below!

In other news, Ubisoft Hints At Far Cry Reveal At Game Awards.

Ubisoft hints at Far Cry reveal at Game Awards

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