Cadence of Hyrule- “Octavo’s Ode” free DLC Out Now

Cadence of Hyrule has now got DLC called Octavo's Ode (Picture: Nintendo)

Cadence of Hyrule has received a new piece of DLC dubbed Octavo’s Ode. This was a surprise, as no-one really expected to see downloadable content for it, especially with it being free.

For those of you who haven’t had time to play Cadence of Hyrule yet, it is a rhythmic action game that takes place in the world of Zelda. It really is an incredible title the music is just fantastic, it scores 25 different remixes of songs you know and love from the series. As an extra, it also supports local co-op to play with friends.

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The Octavo’s Ode includes a new storyline starring the game’s villain Octavo, as you uncover his true intentions for his plan to take over Hyrule. You also have access to a Dungeon Mode, where you’ll have to face off against the game’s most challenging foes. But take note, these two extra are not unlocked until you have completed the main story.

Currently, at the time of this post, the game is on sale at the online Nintendo store for $17.49. Sadly, this offer is for the US only.

Are you excited about the Cadence of Hyrule DLC? Let us know down below!

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