Bungie files trademark for “Matter” project

Bungie files trademark for “Matter” project

Recently, it’s been discovered that Bungie has filed a trademark for a title called “Matter”. In fact, according to sources like Eurogamer this trademark has two categories: Computer Game Software and Online Entertainment Services. Although this is the only information we know so far. Also, with the working image above as its prototype logo.

All and all, we know its a game and based on Bungie’s history it will probably be an online shooting game. Though the name Matter and its graphic design are interesting. More importantly, is the context behind the splash of colors. First, it should have something to do with science fiction as Bungie always has a love for it with Halo and Destiny.

However, it’s too early to throw assumptions at stuff like this, still fun though. Comment below on what you think Matter will be. Also, if you liked this article why not share on social media. In other news, Sony has revealed why they took a while adapting to Crossplay.

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