Borderlands 3 will not have preloading on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store Update

Borderlands 3 will not have preloading

The next hit title from 2K is the 4th Borderlands instalment, Borderlands 3, which on Windows is Epic Games Store exclusive until April 2020. In spite of this, Borderlands 3 will not have preloading available before the game launches on September 13th.

Epic Games Store launched last year on December 6th, as a software distribution platform/launcher to rival the illustrious Steam Store. In all honesty, the store is hit and miss, but it does show potential- ignoring the numerous conflicts currently happening about exclusives, and whatnot.

Roadmap of Planned Features

EGS promised an array of improvements, which they called their ‘roadmap of planned features‘, announced back in March. Six months have passed, and those planned features have not shifted- all the mid-tier goals they have proposed should be close to completion by now, right? Unfortunately, they are all still recorded as ‘not due for four-six months‘- whether any progress made to the store has transpired, is rather difficult to determine.

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One of these features was of course, ‘preloading,’ Tim Sweeney CEO of Epic has just confirmed that “they won’t be able to deploy the preloading feature by mid-September and that players shouldn’t expect this option to be available in time to preload Borderlands 3.

Furthermore, showing this ‘roadmap‘ to be public has been a colossal waste of time, as they have failed more or less every future deadline for the Store they had. Saying that we do not even know the final game size of Borderlands 3 and I suspect it not to be meagre by any means, so eager fans will have to wait and download it upon launch day sorrowfully.

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The bottom line is that EGS has failed to deliver, and Borderlands 3 will not have preloading before its launch on September 13th.

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