Borderlands 3 Update Postponed Due to Racial Injustice

Borderland 3
Borderlands 3 show aid towards COVID19 by giving players masks in-game

Gearbox Software has postponed a Borderlands 3 update due to racial injustice

Gearbox Software, the developer of Borderlands 3, has postponed its latest update, Takedown at the Guardian Breach, due to racial injustice that is happening in the U.S. right now.

The studio is also muting its Twitter with the exception of making any important announcements.

Publisher 2K will donate $1 million to the 2K Foundations Program to continue fighting for equality.

The current event happening in Borderlands 3, Revenge of the Cartels, will get extended until the upcoming update releases. Takedown at the Guardian Breach will offer players new missions and was initially set today (June 4). No new date has been given yet.

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Police killings like George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are only two of the many victims to police brutality in the U.S. every year. After footage came out showing Floyd’s death, protests and riots began across the country. Other countries like Australia, Canada, and France have started to protest in solidarity with the U.S.

Gearbox is not the only company to delay something in solidarity with the protests that are happening against injustice and police brutality. Sony was supposed to have an event today to unveil the lineup of PS5 games, Call of Duty has delayed season 4, and Cyberpunk 2077 was going to have a showcase on June 11 which got pushed to June 25.

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What do you think about Gearbox and 2K’s decisions involving the donations and of the postponed Borderlands 3 update? Let us know all of your thoughts on this story in the comments below.

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