Borderlands 3 release date confirmed, Psycho Jesus revealed

There was a rumor going around about a possible release date for Borderlands 3. I’ve heard several dates from those rumors but it seems an accident might have revealed one to be true. Thanks to a YouTube ad airing before it was supposed to we’re pretty sure the release date is September 13th of this year.

The ad itself is actually kind of cool for multiple reasons. One of the best reasons, in my opinion, is that we get to see the new characters names. Moze, FL4K, Amara, and Zane. If you’ve been listening to the rumors then you’ll know that FL4K is the Beastmaster and Amara is the Siren. The ad also showed the Epic Games logo but not the Steam logo which indicates that it will be exclusive to Epic Games, for a while at least.

The last big thing of note in the ad is the cover art reveal. Which is also the featured image for this article because I am in love with it. The villains of Borderlands 3 seem to be worshiped according to the ad so it makes sense for there to be religious overtones to the cover art.  Like everything related to Borderlands though the cover art goes over the top with Psycho Jesus.

I’ll put in the ad for the game below so you can check it out yourself. I really recommend you do so because it’s quite the ad. Let us know in the comments what you thought about it though.

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