Borderlands 3: First 14 Minutes of Gameplay Can Be Viewed Now!

You may have heard of a small, lesser-known game by the name of Borderlands… I kid of course! Since the trailer dropped back in March, we here at Daily Gaming Report have been excited for the new addition to the quirky, shell shade franchise, Borderlands 3. The good news is that it is going to be released soon, September 13th to be exact – but that is still over a month away. We know that if you are like us, you’re probably experiencing that itch and the want to see more from the long-awaited third instalment. Well we can scratch that itch for you! (In a totally legal way mind you, we’re not that strange!)

I’m dancing, I’m dancing!

IGN have released exclusive footage, allowing everyone to preview the first 14 minutes of gameplay for Borderlands 3. I think it is safe to say that upon watching it, nothing has changed for the worse! The clip shows that it retains all the features we have come to love, and is also buttery smooth with great frame rates and graphics! Firstly, it is noticeable that we are swiftly re-introduced to Claptrap. A series staple and also a constant annoyance to many! If you don’t recall how much he loved to dance in the previous games, then worry not as you are quickly reminded. He is however, “so super duper duper quiet”.

Get Ready to Slide Right In

All Claptrap jokes aside, the important factors are the new controls. The game now features parkour abilities (arguably a must in this day and age), as well as improved combat modes, namely alternate firing. If you are not yet over the Fortnite/Battle Royale craze, you can also use emotes! All this makes for swift execution of your enemies, and makes you look damn good whilst doing it too! Needless to say, if you get the hang of these moves quickly, you won’t have Shiv sharpen his blade on your spine! Preferable I would assume!

From what we know so far, the story focuses on The Children of The Vault. This is a cult led by the Calypso Twins, which is where the Psychos seemingly now reside. You the player will be on the side of right, or at least the side of the Crimson Raiders. This, you might take solace in knowing, is run by OG Vault Hunter Lilith, who is now commander and top dog. She will be making an apperance in your head from time to time, no complaints really.

You can find out more about Lilith’s rise to prominence in the recently released Borderlands 2 DLC. No spoilers here folks.

Filled with the good old sarcastic comments, and perfect comedically timed moments Borderlands 3 looks like a blast. Be sure to catch it when it comes out next month! Until then, make sure to keep up-to-date with all the latest news here at DGR. Follow our Twitter and Youtube as well, we’ll be forever grateful! You nice person!

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