Borderlands 3 Finally Confirmed Via Reveal Trailer



Recently during the PAX East Panel, Gearbox confirmed the production and most of the rumors concerning Borderlands 3 and released an epic trailer. With this trailer, they not only just confirmed Borderlands 3, but they have yet again put out a piece of art, (just like in the Borderlands 2 opening), that is just beautiful to watch.

If you’re any sort of returning fan you will quickly recognize characters such as Lilith, Kincaid, Sir Hammerlock, Mordecai, Brick, and Tiny Tina ( who’s probably not so Tiny). There is a lot of gameplay shown throughout this amazing montage, but little is revealed involving the story. But with that said, every returning character just mentioned does look a bit older than when we saw them last, so it is safe to assume this game will take place a couple of years after the previous title.

One billion guns. That is insane. And from the looks of this trailer, it seems like the choice of gun will be spread out over multiple worlds, opening the door to brand new weapon types ( guns with legs?) we have never seen before in previous titles.

We see as well in this video, the four new protagonists the players will be able to choose from, along with a quick look at the villain they will be facing. There is a brief glance at the abilities that can be used while in combat, but as far as who has what and the class system? Nothing yet. But no worries all of this will most likely be revealed to us very soon on April 3.

How hyped are you for Borderlands 3? Are you up to date on the Borderlands Lore? Make sure to join in on the comments below.


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