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Borderlands 3 is so close to launching; however, we are still unsure as to what we can look forward to with endgame content. Well during Gamescom we got some more information as to what we can look forward too.

Paul Sage, Creative Director for Borderlands 3, went over how in the next few weeks they will be going into more detail as to what we can expect for endgame content but he did give us a bit of information.

The first being called a circle of slaughter, which consists of waves of enemies spawning and every time you clear a wave of enemies it will get harder and harder, but the more you survive, the better your rewards will be.

The other endgame content in Borderlands 3 is called The Proving Grounds, Which are missions that take you to different planets, allowing the player to do objectives, like kill everything, don’t die, do it in a certain amount of time. If you complete these objectives, then there will be a chest for you at the end of the game rewarding you with loot, however, for better loot then you need to be completing all the objectives. At launch, there will be 6 proving grounds.

Down below if the Offical Guide to Borderlands 3:

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