Bloodborne comes to PC with Yarntown

Yarntown Cleric Beast Screenshot
Yarntown is a 16-bit version of Bloodborne for PC (Picture: Max Mraz)

Bloodborne has finally come to PC … but not how you expected

Well, fans of FromSoftware’s hit game Bloodborne have finally got what they want. You can now experience the world of Old Yharnam on PC. But, this isn’t because a PC port of the 2015 action-horror hit has arrived. Instead, we’ve got a cute game Yarntown. This game imagines the world of Bloodborne in the style of an old Legend of Zelda game and features much of the initial area available in the original game. And, while Yarntown may not be as suspenseful and bloody as its inspiration, it does capture some of the best gameplay elements.

Players can be downed quickly, and the use of simple controls can become tricky when facing large crowds. Yarntown still features Bloodborne‘s stamina bar, blood vials, silver bullets, and visceral attacks on stunned enemies. And, players can enjoy some of the great boss fights of the original; you can take on both the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne. The game is really fun, and we’re hoping that its developer, Max Mraz, can create even more to enjoy from the world of Yharnam.

Yarntown is Bloodborne remade in a classic Zelda style - VG247

Yarntown is available for free on PC (for both Mac and Windows) through the Solarus platform. And, developer Max Mraz is working on another old school RPG for PC in Ocean’s Heart. So, there’s more to look forward to if you enjoyed this fan-made Bloodborne demake. Also, check out some gameplay from Yarntown below to see this re-imagining of a classic PS4 game:

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