Blizzcon 2020 Has Officially Been Cancelled

Blizzcon 2020, won't be happening due to Covid-19.

Blizzcon 2020 has officially been cancelled by Blizzard

Although most people were kind of expecting this to happen, with some fans holding on, hoping that Blizzard wouldn’t cancel the event. Well, we have some sad news, as Blizzard announced today officially that Blizzcon 2020 will be cancelled.

Now with many events getting cancelled due to Covid-19, many developers are looking at other ways to show of there upcoming games, however, Blizzard have currently not announced if they will still be doing a Blizzcon online event.

“A gaming convention is probably the last thing on most people’s minds right now, and that goes for many of us at Blizzard too. As events around the world announce cancellations, postponements, or shifts to an online format in response to COVID-19, we’re seeing questions about our plans for this year’s BlizzCon,” said an official Blizzard statement.

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“As so many of us have been isolated for multiple weeks now, surrounded and in some cases directly impacted by the ongoing pandemic-related challenges around the world, we’re looking forward to the time when we can see one another again in person and have something to celebrate together.”

“The health of our community, employees, and everyone who helps with the show is our top consideration,” continued the statement from Blizzard. “It might be a few months before we know for certain if or how we’ll proceed, but as soon as we have a meaningful update, we’ll share it.”

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Only time will tell if Blizzcon will happen online instead. Either way, we are sad to see the event get cancelled and look forward to what Blizzard do next.

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