Blizzard to Limit WoW Classic Demo Time

Blizzard to Limit WoW Classic Demo Time

Blizzard has announced that the World of Warcraft Classic demo will be playable as part of the BlizzCon virtual ticket, although it’s set to include some significant limitations, including the amount of time players are allowed to play for.

Players will be limited for time in the demo, with Blizzard stating this is “to maximize the number of people who can try out the demo”. Character progression will be saved throughout the demo despite the time limitations, allowing players access to levels 15 to 19. The exact time limit is yet to be announced. While character progression is limited, players will have access to as many characters as they wish to create.

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Finally, the demo will allow players access to two playable zones, the Barrens for Horde players and Westfall for Alliance players. This will most quests and content, with the exception of Deadmines and Wailing Caverns, as well as PvP being limited to dueling.

BlizzCon takes place across November 2nd and November 3rd. Let us know if you plan on playing the WoW Classic demo.

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