Blizzard is hiring new staff for a new title set for development

Blizzard is hiring new staff for a new title set for development

Blizzard as of late has been in the process of hiring a new development team to work on a new upcoming title. What’s interesting is how the job description details what the game could be.

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Many of the positions require a love for “co-op games, RPGs and board games”. Details of the gameplay detail it as “a robust first-person engine and will offer a beautiful and visceral core combat experience”.

The game will also use motion capture as well as Blizzard’s latest AI. It’s too early to tell what the game could be. Supposedly it’s going be a brand new title so a sequel to anything like Starcraft or Overwatch is unlikely but not far-fetched. Comment below on what you think the new game will be? If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Treyarch is set to add new updates to Blackout’s Beta mode of Call of Duy Black Ops 4.

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