Blizzard hits success for Breast Cancer Research

Blizzard hits success for Breast Cancer Research

As of late, Blizzard Entertainment has revealed where their fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research has gone to. Those who don’t know, Blizzard started a donation fund with their title Overwatch and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Apparently, Blizzard created their first ever charity skin with the game called “Pink Mercy”.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Of course, with this new shin and additional apparel sold they were able to raise $12.7 million. Additionally, since October is the home to both Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Blizzard decided to share what their progress has rewarded them with.

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New Programs

First, three programs have started which consist of BCRF Precision Prevention Initiative, BCRF Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium Award, and 25 Annual BCRF Research Grants. Secondly, BCRF will work on finding new ways to prevent breast cancer which ranges from tools to test screenings to seek better treatment for patients.

Clinical Trials

Third, five new clinical trials will begin thanks to the BCRF Translational Breast Cancer Research Consortium Award. More importantly, these trials are designed to look deeper at the biology of breast cancer as well as try out new therapeutic strategies.


Last but not least, 25 research grants have been funded thanks to the Pink Mercy money. Thus, giving researchers funds through seven different fields for diagnosis and treatments.

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Honestly, its truly amazing what Blizzard has achieved with this fundraiser. Not to mention, seeking new chances for people with this disease to survive it and be stronger for it. Comment below on what you think of Blizzard’s success with their fundraiser. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Rockstar Games has revealed that a new trailer will arrive for Red Dead Redemption 2.


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