Black Ops 4 isn’t hurting PUBG with their sales

Black Ops 4 isn’t hurting PUBG with their sales

As we know, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has seen massive success so far with its PC sales. Not to mention, it was the most watched game on Twitch this past weekend. Though when it comes to snuffing out PUBG it hasn’t come close.

Recently, Video Game Analytics company GitHyp reported that PUBG “only saw a 4 percent decline in players this weekend when comparing its average concurrent players on Steam”. Yet, this was “far lower than some of its worst months such as back in May 2018 when the player base dropped by over 20 percent” according to GitHyp.

However, PUBG has seen losses in players over the past year due to Fortnite. Additionally, GitHyp finds it interesting if Black Ops 4 will be a phase or not. “It’ll be interesting to see how long the hype can last,” said GitHyp.

Of course, time will tell if Black Ops 4 seeing early success was a burden or not. Comment below on what you think of Black Ops 4 and PUBG’s player numbers. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Bandai Namco will distribute CyberPunk 2077 in Europe.

Bandai Namco will distribute CyberPunk 2077 in Europe


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