Black Ops 4 actually has split screen multiplayer

Black Ops 4 actually has split screen multiplayer

Honestly, who remembers the days of split-screen multiplayer? Supposedly, Treyarch does as they hid it from us upon Call of Black Ops 4’s release. Accordingly, the split screen feature works with regular multiplayer and Blackout as well. As far as PlayStation users are concerned for two-player multiplayer both players must be signed into the PlayStation Network while one must have PlayStation Plus.

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Not to mention, four player split screen can happen in the zombie mode of the game. Most importantly, if you notice in the image above with the black borders on each side. Additionally, you can rearrange the screens to either vertical or horizontal.

To sum up, this was a neat surprise for all of us taking players back to the old school days of GoldenEye and many FPS classics. Comment below on what you think of Black Ops 4’s split screen multiplayer. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Diablo 3 will not be receiving a crossplay option soon.

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