Bioware Tease New Dragon Age 4 Information

Dragon Age 4
Dragon Age 4 (Picture: Bioware)

Dragon Age has always been a standout franchise as Bioware have been able to create a great world and fill it with a detailed and thrilling story. It has been five years since the last Dragon Age game was released and it seems Bioware are ready to announce something for the franchise very soon.

Bioware have teased fans by tweeting out that there maybe some Dragon Age news on the 4th December. The team title the day “Dragon 4ge day” which could mean they are prepared to give details on the next installment of the franchise.

Dragon Age 4 was confirmed to be in development by Bioware at the Game Awards 2018. It seems they are now ready to start sharing information with the fans very soon. EA did confirm though that the game might not be released for another two years but it’s signs of life for fans of the franchise.

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With the game not likely to be released for another two years we could be seeing it as Bioware’s first test on the next generation of consoles. This won’t stop fans getting excited about the company releasing news on the game very very soon.

Make sure to keep an eye out on 4th December for what Bioware have next in store for this franchise

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