BioWare on Anthem’s customization

Bioware has given more detail into how the customization system will work in Anthem and how players will look different from one another if we are all using the same javelin suit.

Anthem has skins, paints, cloth types, materials and emotes, all earnable in-game or you can pay real money to buy them.

“The way the personalisation system works, it’s not just about getting a skin that changes the entire appearance of your Javelin, though you can do that,” game director Jonathan Warner tells me during Gamescom.

“We also have a system that allows you to change the paint, change the material, the composition of your cloth – things like this. Even in the early game, when you haven’t unlocked all the awesome customization items, you’ll still look really different from each other.”

Now I’m sure many people are still not sure what to make of this game yet, especially how many players wanted mod support but it appears we won’t be getting that, you can check that article out here.

Bioware has said that there will also be a playable demo, and will reveal more on that at PAX West which is next week.

Anthem launches February 22 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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