BioShock 3 Job Listing Suggests Semi-Open World Setting

The BioShock logo.
Speculations are brewing about the newest BioShock game (Source: 2K Games)

A new job listing posted by Cloud Chamber Studios is seeking a lead world designer for BioShock 3 and has a description that points towards a semi-open world game.

The listing itself details that Cloud Chamber is looking for a designer who will be able to “Plan and design architecture for world content systems, such as population and event management.” The development of populations means that there could be multiple NPCs in an environment. The event management could point to side quests or random occurrences in the world. Both of these could mean that BioShock 3 will be a semi-open world game, which would be something brand new to the franchise.

Also, the job listing notes that “You’ll contribute to the design and structure of the world and own in detail how the world is populated with memorable experiences that complement the game’s main story.” It is seeming like there is a large focus on a populated, alive world, and not so much a linear, level-organized game like previous editions.

Along with this job description, an earlier leak back in September supports the semi-open world speculations. According to, an anonymous source leaked 2K Games documents, which had details about the upcoming game. Included in the leak were details about BioShock 3, allowing for more exploration and having a semi-open world.

BioShock 3 is still in early development. Stay tuned to Daily Gaming Report for more updates.

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