Bethesda thanks Fallout 76 beta players and more

Bethesda thanks Fallout 76 beta players and more

Recently, Bethesda posted on Reddit thanking players who tried out the beta release of Fallout 76. Not to mention, they announced some updates coming to the game.

First, the game’s stack size will be enlarged in a future update. In fact, people have requested this since playing the beta. Apparently, the 400-pound limit isn’t enough for this game.

However, with the good comes the bad of course. Therefore, the game will not have a FOV slider. Those unaware, a FOV slider applies to the field of view of the game and with a slider it helps to adjust the perspective.

“We haven’t supported FOV sliders in our previous games as it is known to break a lot of animations and causes a lot of clipping to occur onscreen. You do have the option to zoom out in third person on PC by holding View and moving the mousewheel, but we won’t be able to have it for first person view.” said Bethesda

In addition, a Push-to-talk feature isn’t certain yet as Bethesda wants players to interact with each other directly.

“Our goal with voice chat being on by default is to highlight that the world is alive with real people, other players like you,” according to Bethesda. “We like to start with encouraging player interaction and will look into adding this in the future.”

Especially, the Reddit post doesn’t bring up anything on text-talk in the game. Yet, we can be fine without talking to each other though some form of communication needs to present.

Comment below on what you think of Fallout 76 including some features and missing others. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, features coming to Red Dead Online may have been revealed in a recent leak.

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